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introduction time... - The Fatherhood Forum

About introduction time...

Previous Entry introduction time... Oct. 31st, 2006 @ 09:41 pm Next Entry
Hello all!

Thought I’d take a quick moment to introduce myself to the community…  

My name is Craig and I’m from Long Island. My wife and I are expecting our first in May. I am a database developer as well as a project archivist, and have done some freelance work for both. When I’m not insane from work, I’m a big time reader, love spending relaxing time outdoors during beach season, and listen to some eclectic types of music. I’m pretty open about my life, so feel free to ask anything you want. I’m sure I’ll have some questions as various issues come up during the pregnancy and during our baby’s first few months, but I just wanted to say hello and make a few friends along the way…
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